{glass slipper ball | four seasons, palm beach | kierra’s 4th birthday}

A Dream is indeed a Wish your Heart makes… Ever since last year’s visit to Disney our daughter, Kierra, has been enamored with all things Princess, and wishing out loud that her Fourth birthday party would be her dream come true.

And so… Last Saturday, twenty seven “Little Princesses” arrived at the “Palace” aka: The Four Seasons, Palm Beach to attended their first, “Glass Slipper Ball.”

The room was exquisitely decorated by Cary at Camden Gardens Floral, Palm Beach.

Her creative “Storybook Chic,” theme included a Royal Table set with pearl and crystal draped candleabras, and glass bubbles floating in a field of roses and hydrangeas.

Each childs place setting included a glass slipper and wand, a silver and blue guilded place card frame, a custom monagrammed slipper cookie, and personalized mini water bottles.

table details

Above the table, a canopy of tulle was draped, with silver balls at each end. The chairs were also wrapped and sashed.


Once all the royal guests arrived, they decended the sweeping staircase, to see the beautiful Princess Anastasia arrive in her horse drawn coach.

The birthday girl climbed in to meet the Princess, and groups of friends took turns riding in the fairytale carriage, provided by Miniature Dream Parties of Jupiter.


Afterwards, they adjourned to the “Enchanted Garden,” where a Unicorn was waiting to greet them.


The girls pet the unicorn, and posed for photos throughout the garden.


Snow White’s Poison Apple Hunt was lots of fun.


The girls had a ball searching for apples.



It was a hot day, and although white-gloved waiters wandered the garden serving trays of water to cool us off, our return to the cool ballroom was welcome.

Once inside, each princess posed for a portrait…


Here are just a handful of the little divas. How cute are they???


Moments later, each child was announced. “Introducing her Royal Highness, Princess Grace…” and so on, as one by one, they entered the Royal Poinciana ballroom to applause.


Once seated, a plated lunch was served at the Royal Table. The princesses sipped on Shirley Temples and ate their flower shaped tea sandwiches, and crown shaped melon.

Parents were also treated to an unbelievable spread, like only the Four Seasons can present.


The staff, headed by Event Coordinator, Amanda Brinks, was incredible, and helped make the day pure magic.

When lunch ended, unprovoked, dozens of dancing, laughing, jumping…


Twirling, spinning, singing little girls… all took the dance floor by storm.


In no time it was like “Princesses gone Wild.”


A few, more sedate royals, opted to go off to the land of make believe with some pretend castle play.


Soon it was time for games… They played “Pass the Slipper,” and did the ‘Bibbity Bobbity Boo Wand Dance.”


Then it was time to “Kiss the Frog.” Each little girl was given red lips with their names on them, blind folded, spun around and sent to pin the kiss on the frog prince. But alas, even with a face covered in kisses, he remained just an amphibian with a crown.


Afterwards, it was time for the stunning (and incredibly delicious) cake and sweet treats, prepared by Lynn, The Four Seasons extraordinary pastry chef.


The cake was a masterpiece. Too pretty to eat, but so glad I did. If you have never tasted the Nutty Carrot Cake at the Four Seasons, it is to die for! Trust me, It is one of those bucket list moments.

The pearled cookies, were both pretty and yummy.


The white chocolate coach, castle and princess pops were a big hit.


The cupcakes featured a blue chocolate crown atop a mountain of icing, which in no time covered most of the little princesses’ faces.


“Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…” Since the cake was bigger than her, Kierra blew out the candle on her more easily accessible designer cupcake, and made a wish.


Then it was time for gifts. Each girl went in search of their presents…


and took turns giving their gift to the birthday girl, sitting with her on the chaise to help her open it.


All the girls were surprisingly self organized, and so excited to see their gifts opened, and to view the others.


After each present was opened, Kierra returned the “favor.” Thanking and hugging each friend goodbye, she handed them a little gift from her with each girl’s name on it.


As the clock struck five, upon leaving the ball, each Princess received a custom tagged Four Seasons gift bag, to help haul out out all the goodies, including, frames, cookies, lollipops, wands, glass slippers, jewelry and a wrapped gift.

gift bag

Special thanks to all who made this day possible. This was a memory our “Little Princess” will never forget.

– Amanda, Denise, and Crystal, thank you for everything… this was the ultimate Posh Tot event. When I told my daughter the three of you were the ones who made this party happen for her, she said, “So they’re like my Fairygodmothers, right Mommy?” “Right, Kierra,” I agreed.

– My sincerest appreciation to Cary at Camden Gardens for transforming the room and the coach… you are a true artist.

– Gerda, aka: Princess Anastasia. You were an incredible princess. Thank you for bringing the fantasy to life and for being such an integral part of this special day.

– Penny, the coach and unicorn were one of a kind. You completed the Fairtytale.

– Rachel for sharing your time and talents.

– Laura, thanks for taking time out help with the RSVPs. You’re the best!

– And My eternal gratitude to Nanny and Pa, for a week of endless help with all the little details… wrapping, painting, building, and customizing into the wee hours of the night. What would I do without you both.

Venue: The Four Seasons, Palm Beach
Decor: Camden Gardens, Palm Beach
Carriage & Unicorn: Miniature Dream Parties, Jupiter
Invitations: Anna Griffin
Photography: Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography


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